Monday, January 28, 2008

Still Kickboxing

Just so you all know, I am still kick boxing!! I am VERY much enjoying it! I had a private lesson last Friday, We really got to practice our technique and then try it our on our brave instructor. I shared the lesson with a lady from class. If I get brave I may try and post a picture of it. We did get to do this in the "RING". Wow, first time in the ring!! Very COOL!!!

Now what???

OK we have a big hole in the floor, what now?? Just Kidding!! OK it looks like everything is in good position to tie in the new plumbing!

Ronnie and Kyle

Ronnie and Kyle were digging up the roots and stumps that were in the way of the new addition. We will add the new part after the boys bath is complete.

More Changes

When we came home from Oklahoma, we started remodeling!! We completely gutted the boys bathroom. And we are preparing for adding on to our Bathroom. A whole 37 square feet!! HUGE!!!


Well Korey and Lauren are off to SNU. Ronnie and I took them, along with Lauren's mom Mary, on Thursday January 17th. Note the check book in hand, at Wal-mart!!