Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coeur d'alene, Idaho

The real reason we drove to Montana!!

When is the last time you saw these?

The Victorian room, even the towels were matched to the room color!!

We had a great time in Coeur d'alene!! We stayed at the Flamingo Motel, complete with "real" room keys and Magic fingers on the bed!! It was a great place!!

Our summer!

The Frazier Family...almost all of us!!

Pone, Ronnie, Korey and Kyle

The "boys" built boats and then we went and tried them out!

We have actually had a very busy summer. We had a family wedding in Creede, Colorado on June 20th. And then Ronnie and I left on June 26th, and flew to Spokane Washington, and then drove to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Missoula, Montana, All in one day. So here are a few pictures from our "world travels".

Well I should be embarrassed!

Hello all, I should be embarrassed for not posting anything! My Mom even commented on the fact, she would love to see something new. So lets see what I can do....

I think Kyle was trying to "tell" on me for having "A" glass of wine!! No I am not embarrassed for that! :)