Thursday, November 20, 2008

Memories and Traditions

Well I am participating in the Internet Cafe celebrating the holidays. Today is the first day, and we should be talking about our holiday "traditions". I'm not sure we have "set in stone" traditions. Our family has always been able to do what they wanted for the holidays. Which sounds great right?? Until now and my boys are to the age ....that, guessed it they want to do their own thing. It still works...this year, because Korey and Lauren are not married yet...but next year...who knows what they will want to do. I hope that I can handle it with all of the Love and Grace that My mother in law does!! Love you very much Mary K..

Well one tradition that we do have is that Christmas Eve we try to have traditional New Mexican food. My boys request my chicken enchiladas, and we have Posole`. We also have "chichirones". So let me explain Posole` is a soup-stew, made with pork meat, red chile, and ...posole` (you would call it hominy). Now Chichirones can best be described as..."cracklins" or "pork rinds" maybe. I buy pork "fatback" and cut it into small pieces and fry them up crispy. Posole` at our house is not complete without it!!

We also get a new ornament every year. I try to buy one that is fitting for the person. This is a tradition that my mother in law started when Ronnie was a baby. So we have all of his childhood ornaments. Some years they were not able to buy ornaments so they made them. I love looking through the ornaments every year.

Then one of the other "traditions" is between my Mom and I. She gave me a gift one year in box, that I immediately recognized as being a box from my Grandma (who was no longer with us). So every year Mom and I take turns exchanging a gift in that box. By the way the box is a Schwan's Chicken nugget box...go figure!!!

Well thanks for stopping by to see my "non" traditional memories.

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Beth said...

Those aren't "non-traditional" for you! They're just unique for your family. And the grandmother gift thing? Awesome...

Thanks for visiting!!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Traci, I just love your Mexican food tradition! I might have to "steal" that one!!! Thanks for sharing your traditions, you've given me some ideas!

Joanne Sher said...

I love the Schwann's box gift exchange. It has to be so fun, and incredibly meaningful!

Nothing wrong with "non-traditional" traditions. It certainly makes your holiday special to you!

And the ornaments are so meaningful and such a wonderful, fun way to "take a way down memory lane."

Thanks so much for sharing.

Crystal said...

Yum! Posole sounds delicious. I am a Spanish teacher and I travelled to Mexico this summer. I had so much delicious food, but Posole wasn't one of the dishes I tried. I did love eating hominy in other soups though. That's something I hadn't tried before.

Thanks for commenting on my blog about the card-making. Giving them away for the carnival might be a really great idea!