Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bible Study Part 3-The True woman of Proverbs 31

Kind of exciting, Amy touched (a little) on what I said last week about the study. About looking at the Lord as being our husband.

In Pursuit of Proverbs 31 Bible Study Part 3 - The True Woman of Proverbs 31

Whether we go with the widely accepted belief that Bathsheba wrote the acrostic known as Proverbs 31 or whether we believe that it was written by another mother to her son, this passage of scripture is still the desire of a woman, conceived in her heart, and unbirthed to reality. The future groom this passage refers to has yet to find his bride... this particular bride.

1. The spiritual aspect of Proverbs 31 is that this woman is a description of the bride of Christ.

Let's pray:
Father, there is none like you. I am in awe at the realization of how much you love me. Thank you for the revealing your heart to me. Thank you for breaking the bondage of perfection that once held me captive. You are a loving and just God and I am so thankful for that. I ask that you continue to speak to me and reveal my own heart to me. I ask that you stir up the gifts that you have placed within me so that I may walk in them. I also ask that you show me the talents you desire for me to use to glorify your name. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

All throughout the bible there are many scriptures that enforce the majority of the lines of scripture in Proverbs 31 BUT... the similar scriptures are not just for women. They are intended for the entire body of Christ. The bride of Christ.

On a practical side, these scriptures give us a look into the heart of women. I can't help but notice a theme throughout... the craving of praise from the husband. The penalty of sin in Genesis 3 was that the woman's desire would be for her husband and he would rule over her. This desire is evident in Proverbs 31. Something else that is clearly evident is this woman's relationship with her God. Her desire is to please Him.

Her desire is to please HIM. I think that if we can "get this" then it will be natural to please our earthly husbands.

For Study Purposes:

Find other scriptures that are similar to particular verses in Proverbs 31.
* Give an explanation as to why it is important that you don't compare yourself to other women.
* Find one scripture that gives an example of God restoring someone.
Questions to ponder: What are the desires of your heart? If you wrote a similar poem today what would it consist of. Share it with us

The desires of my heart....POEM?? Well let's not go there. I desire for the Lord to find confidence in me....but then maybe HE has and that is what I have been going through the last 3 years? I'll see if I can come up with something! :)

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Amy B said...

"Her desire is to please HIM. I think that if we can "get this" then it will be natural to please our earthly husbands."

Oh girl! You are so right! right!! I'll see you Monday for the next part of the series!